Delving into the historical background and the settings for my stories is an important part of my writing process. If you share my fascination, here are some links to follow.

On Pregnancy and Childbirth

~ Expanded handouts for my presentation on Pregnancy and Childbirth for the Historical Author

~ “An Interesting Condition”, my article on pregnancy and childbirth during the Regency (originally published in the Regency Plume)

Background for Specific Stories

~ Background for Lord Langdon’s Kiss (Napoleonic era cavalry and the South Downs of England)

~ Background for The Incorrigible Lady Catherine (The Lake District, Ullswater, Derwent, Castlerigg Stone Circle, Aira Force)

~ Background for The Redwyck Charm (Opera dancers, the Cotswolds)

~ Background for Saving Lord Verwood (Brighton and Cornwall, seal rescues, quoits and fogous)

~ Background for Lady Dearing’s Masquerade (Masquerades at the Pantheon Theatre, London’s Foundling Hospital, Kent)

~ Background for Fly with a Rogue (The Rifle Brigade, Waterloo, ballooning, Norfolk)

Risky Regencies Blog Posts

~ “People do not die of little trifling colds” (Cold remedies during the Regency)

~ What’s Haute, What’s Not (on fashion)

~ What’s Haute, What’s Not, Part II (on fashion)

~ What everyone thinks is true… Part I (on pregnancy and childbirth)

~ What everyone thinks is true… Part II (on pregnancy and childbirth)

~ What everyone thinks is true… Part III (on pregnancy and childbirth)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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