Check out my Writer’s Bookshelf for some of my favorite resources on the art, craft and psychology of writing. Click on the links below to read some of my posts at the Risky Regencies and Writer Unboxed.

Writer Unboxed Posts

~ Making a Comeback in the Digital Age

~ Writing Through Adversity

Risky Regencies Posts

~ Ideal Characters (Traits of the ideal romance hero/heroine, deal-breakers)

~ Writer’s Block (Does it exist and what do we do about it?)

~ Backstory, Info Dumps and Character Intros (When and how to reveal a character’s backstory)

~ The More, the Merrier (On writers’ challenges)

~ Collages (Collages as part of the creative process)

~ What do you get… (On organizing a writers’ retreat)

~ Funny and Furry (On animal characters in romance)

~ Skipping the Sex Scenes (On why sex scenes shouldn’t be skippable)

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